Body & Mind

Daybreak is a calm but active class that we do either early in the morning or late afternoon to relaxing the body in a soft way. This is class that combines Pilates, yoga and tai chi focusing on stretch, balance and strength. 
It is easy to learn and it´s suitable for all ages and both sexes.

 Aqua Aerobic is a fun full body workout in the pool for all people. Gentle on the joints, since we work with water resistance. Aqua aerobic is easy to learn and is suitable for all ages and both sexes.

 Core is a class focusing on the center of your body to build up core strength, mainly focusing on inner abdominal and back muscles. The class consists of floorwork, standing exercises and some balance. No shoes are needed.

 Circuit The class is built up on interval training with strength, cardio and mobility exercises. We have six different stations where we work with the bodyweight. The class is for those who want some extra pulse in their vacation and it is suitable for all ages and both sexes.